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My iPhone Bill is Bigger than Your iPhone Bill

If you own an iPhone and use it, then I bet you are wondering how many trees were killed in the making of your iPhone bill.

Blogs and internet forums are teeming with talk about the amazing size of iPhone bills. Yes, the actual physical size of the bill, not the cost.

Hundred-page iPhone bills shipped in boxes are not the norm, but there are more of them than there needs to be. What gives, AT&T?

Well apparently it is the default policy of AT&T to list every data transfer that you incur while surfing the net on your iPhone. This is not a mere history of web pages visited, but a detailed list of every file that is loaded when you visit a page, from pictures to advertisements. Even more, none of these data transfers cost you a cent under the unlimited access plan. Why list all of this information?

No one really knows why AT&T lists every data transfer, as there is not a single iPhone customer who wants to record their internet surfing habits in such detail.

One thing is for sure: AT&T has extremely detailed records of all iPhone users online surfing habits. This does not bother me very much, but I do find it odd that they feel the need to record such detail when it does not effect their bottom line.

The good news is that you can get your iPhone bill in digital format, but you must contact AT&T in order to do this. You can sign up by phone or online at AT&T's site. I highly recommend this electronic billing option, as it will save a countless number of trees for the life of your iPhone. And I don't know about you, but I sure appreciate all the delicious oxygen that I get from trees!

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