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iPhone Downloads - 10 Tips for Finding the Top iPhone Downloads Service

The iPhone is here! As a result, various free download sites have popped up that allow for downloading copyrighted material. It is best to avoid these sites as I am sure you do not want the authorities knocking on your door.

Fortunately, there are iPhone downloads membership sites that provide an excellent alternative to itunes. The problem is determining which of these iPhone sites provides the best service. Here are some tips to help find downloads for iPhone.

1. Fess for each iPhone Download or Flat One-Time Fee

Watch out for iPhone Download sites that have a free sign-up but then start charging for each song you download. Who wants to download an album and then run out of spare cash? iPhone download sites that have a flat fee are far greater. It has sure saved me a lot of cash.

2. Variety of iPhone Downloads in Database

Everyone loves a bit of variety. So of course it is best to find an iphone download site that not only offers unlimited music downloads, but also a site that will make you want to download as many files as you can.

3. File Selection for Movies, TV, and other Media

Having access to various iphone media files is perhaps the most important thing to look for if you want to get your money's worth! Fortunately, most iPhone download sites have overwhelmingly huge databases, in the range of 100,000,000 files. (That is one-hundred million files!) Also, make sure the website you are looking at offers music, movies, tv shows, games, and software, not just music. Remember, we are trying to get the most for our money!

4. Layout of Wesbite

Website layout is important. It is the difference between spending hours and spending minutes trying to find what you are looking for. Just browse around the free section of the website to get an idea of the member's area layout.

5. Free File Conversion Software

The best iPhone download sites should provide free software to convert files so that they will work on your iPhone. Most files will work without such software, but it is good to have a program like this in case you run across files with unusual formats.

6. Swift iPhone Download Speeds

Does the site offer quick download speeds? Some sites with small servers will put a limit on download speeds in order to allow more people to connect. Look for sites that do not have any such limits.

7. Scanning of Files for Viruses

It is always a good idea to scan anything that you download on the internet. Fortunately, just about every anti-virus software automatically scans everything you download. Even so, the best iPhone download sites will scan all their files before putting them into the database. This combined with your own anti-virus software, you should be okay.

8. Website Reputation

It may be troublesome to determine the reputation of the site you are looking into, so look for testimonials on the site or just do a simple google search.

9. 24/7 Customer Support

Customer Support is important in any business. Be sure the site you are considering has an e-mail address at the very least, if not other contact info. You may also want to send them a test e-mail with a query to determine how long it takes them to get back to you. I generally consider 1-2 business days a good response time. If it takes any longer than this, consider looking elsewhere.

10. Payment Proceesor for iPhone Download Site

There are a hadful of sites out there that have an obscure payment processor or will want to accept payments through wire transfer. Be careful of these sites. You will want to find an iPhone download site that uses Paypal, Clickbank, or one of the other well known payment processors.

iPhone Download Site Money Back Guarantee Media Available Overall Rating Lifetime Access Fee
NetiPhoneDownloads 8 weeks 5 stars 5 stars ONLY $39.00!
MyPhoneExpress 8 weeks ONLY $49.95!

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